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07 Jun 2017

There are so many car chauffeurs servicing nowadays and not all are created equal. If you are planning to book a limo for any occasion, selecting a vehicle isn’t the only one you should consider. As a client, you should hope for an outstanding service and have a say in the right chauffeur too. From being pick-up to safely arriving at your final destination, Tokyo MK Taxi list few things that differentiate a good chauffeur from the rest of the crowd.

Excellent customer service

Having a highly professional chauffeur is essential to provide you with a good limo experience. A great chauffeur has effective communication skills, anticipates passenger’s needs and capable of providing their passengers with excellent...

28 Apr 2016

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Template


A quick and easy way to prepare your RFQ


This RFQ Template helps you quickly create your Request for Quotation for issue to suppliers and vendors. As one of a suite of universal templates, this RFQ Template will:


Save you time preparing your Request for Quotation. Just fill in the blanks and add your requirements. Preparing a high quality, professional RFQ suitable for issue to suppliers and vendors is now a cinch. And as everything is in MS Word, you can quickly and easily configure to your precise needs.


Save you effort as you don’t have to start from scratch. The RFQ components are already there for you to use as you need. They’re based on the purchase...